UA’s Commitment to a Safe, Respectful Campus Environment

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Each semester I pledge to maintain The University of Alabama’s commitment to promoting and maintaining a safe, respectful campus environment. The well-being and security of every member of the UA community is a priority and, as part of that commitment, we will continue to work to eliminate gender discrimination and sexual misconduct of any kind from campus. With the fall semester underway, I want to again share important information about the resources, reporting options and support available to those affected by sexual misconduct.

The University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy provides a wealth of information about how to report potential sexual misconduct, how a report may be handled or investigated, and resources available to those affected by sexual misconduct, among other important topics. Resources include medical treatment and counseling services, academic assistance, safety planning and risk reduction, housing assistance, assistance with filing a criminal report, and assistance with community resources.

And speaking of community resources, I am proud to announce the upcoming opening of the Tuscaloosa SAFE Center early next month. The University is deeply committed to our partnership with DCH Regional Medical Center and other local entities in helping establish the center, a centrally located facility offering the latest advances in providing high-quality care to those impacted by sexual assault. This is a valuable resource for all members of our community affected by sexual violence.

The University’s Title IX Office, located at 107 Burke Hall West, works diligently to oversee our efforts to foster a secure campus community free of discrimination based on gender. Reports of sexual misconduct can be made to the University’s Title IX Coordinator, Beth Howard, at or by calling (205) 348-5496. Reports of sexual misconduct may be filed directly with UAPD at (205) 348-5454. Confidential reporting is also available through the Women and Gender Resource Center (WGRC) and UA Counseling Center. A full list of reporting options is outlined in the Sexual Misconduct Policy and by visiting UAct at

I also encourage all of you to text “UASAFETY” to 444999 to receive a downloadable KEYNECTUP Contact Card. This valuable card allows you to easily upload into your phone relevant contact numbers and information related to safety and support resources like UAPD, Title IX and the WGRC.

In addition to the foregoing resources, the UA Safety App gives immediate access to information in case of an emergency, including the ability to quickly contact campus and law enforcement agencies. It features a built-in GPS to provide walking directions to any building location on campus, including the locations of shelters and AEDs. A variety of resources, services and support programs are listed on the Sexual Assault and Misconduct Services and Support website at

Please know that The University of Alabama takes the issue of sexual misconduct very seriously. Each semester we will update our campus community about the full range of resources available to all of you. I hope you will personally commit to partnering with us in an ongoing effort to combat sexual wrongdoing.

Stuart R. Bell