The Office of Archaeological Research (OAR), at The University of Alabama provides archaeological and historical consulting services to assist government agencies and private industry in meeting their obligations related to historic preservation law. OAR is one of the oldest and largest cultural resources research centers in the Southeast with a history that stems from the University’s earliest contributions to the study of the region’s heritage.  It includes a repository for numerous federal agencies from across the country as well as state and private collections curated for future research. OAR also serves as the State’s archive for cultural resources reports and maintains both the Alabama Archaeological Site File and the Cultural Resources Surveyed Space Database; computerized inventories of all recorded historic and prehistoric sites and surveys conducted in the state. OAR is committed to the preservation of our non-renewable cultural resources through the facilitation of heritage management strategies, research, and education for governmental, academic, and private organizations.

University of Alabama Museums
Cultural Resource Investigator:  Mr. Sam Mizelle
13075 Moundville Archaeological Park
Moundville, AL  35474

Phone: 205-371-2494
Alt Phone: 205-371-8708